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What You Need to Know about the J & J Booster Shot

With vaccination efforts underway, we are one step closer to overcoming COVID-19. The current vaccination for Johnson & Johnson (J & J) consists of 1 shot to be considered fully vaccinated. But how long will this last? Studies done on healthcare workers indicate that over time, the J & J vaccination loses some of its protective abilities after some time. The booster shot not only revitalizes this protection, which prevents harsh symptoms if COVID-19 is protected, but also offers increased protection against the emerging Delta variant.

Not everyone needs a J & J booster shot, but the CDC recommends it for certain populations:

  • Older adults and those aged 50-64 with medical conditions

  • The risk of serious illness from COVID-19 increases with age, which is why a booster shot is recommended

  • Long-term care residents aged 18 and older

  • Care residents work in close proximity with susceptible groups to COVID-19, so the booster shot is recommended

  • People with medical conditions aged 18-49

  • Pre Existing medical conditions can increase susceptibility to COVID-19

  • Some of these include: cancer, chronic kidney disease, chronic liver disease, chronic lung disease, dementia, diabetes, Down Syndrome, heart conditions, HIV, immunocompromised state

  • Employees and residents with increased risk of exposure to COVID-19

  • Some occupations that fall under this category include: first responders, education staff, food and agriculture workers, manufacturing workers, correction workers, U.S. Postal Service workers, public transit workers, grocery store workers


How long after my initial vaccination should I wait to get the booster shot?

Current CDC Guidelines recommend waiting 2 months after the initial J & J vaccination.

I got a J & J vaccination. Do I need a J & J booster shot?

Any booster shot, whether it be Pfizer or J & J has been proven by the CDC to be effective, regardless of the initial vaccination brand.

If I do not take the booster shot, am I no longer fully vaccinated?

You are still considered fully vaccinated. The booster shot is not recommended for everyone.

If you feel that you fall under one of the categories recommended to get a booster shot, contact us or seek out a local vaccination center. If you are not sure, it is recommended to talk it over with a trusted healthcare professional.

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