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Perseverance in a Pandemic

Yesterday I wanted to quit. I felt defeated. Years of hardwork and laboring through the pandemic have exhausted me. I dont spend as much time as I would like with my family nor do I enjoy the little things in life anymore. This morning, I dragged myself to the pharmacy. The email list was so long I nearly cried. My tasks kept piling up in front of me and I was truly ready to bail. Is being a business owner worth all this trouble? Then I got a call from a distressed woman whose father was starting to have complications breathing. She cried to me as she explained how she lost her mother the year before and how her father really needed the monoclonal antibodies. His oxygen level was just about to drop to a level

that monoclonal would not be the treatment anymore.

I had an opportunity to save a life. I was reminded of how it felt when my father was dying. I dropped everything I was doing and drove the long road to their home because a new sense of purpose had struck me. Running a pharmacy can be hard work sometimes but it is also rewarding in ways I don't always see. As an independent community pharmacy, we have the ability to give people the kind of care that others cannot. Providing the treatment to the elderly man this morning felt like caring for my father. After heading back to the pharmacy I was reminded of the strong influence that the pharmacy has on its community. I can make a difference even if I’m so small.

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